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Company Lawyers Vital To Drafting 'Corporate Responsibility' Policies

While being a good corporate citizen may sound like a touchy-feely concept, some experts say it could very well boost the bottom line - and is something that in-house counsel should make the "business case" for adopting. The role of in-house counsel in helping a company adopt a corporate social responsibility process is twofold: drafting a formal policy, and crafting a program that blends company "values" and business strategies.

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President’s Message

I am pleased to report ACCA’s effective efforts on an unauthorized practice of law issue considered in New Hampshire. This article was submitted through the New Hampshire membership of the Northeast Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. In October ...

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Foreign Patents May Not Be Necessary

Every self-respecting startup harbors dreams of global domination. Turning such modest ambitions into reality requires international sales efforts, cross-border distribution capabilities and, for technology companies, an international patent strategy. Why? Because a patent extends no further than the borders of ...

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