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Made in China

The China boom is in full swing, and sooner or later your company will be doing business in China. If you aren’t there now, one of your competitors probably is. The explosive growth means in-house lawyers have to get up to speed now on the intricacies of doing business in China – from bridging the cultural divide to knowing the key differences between U.S. and Chinese laws and regulations.

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Copyright holders flexing online muscles

Brooklyn Law School professor Wendy Seltzer wanted to teach her copyright class a lesson by showing them what a copyright notice looks like. So she posted a 30-second clip from the 2007 Super Bowl containing the National Football League’s copyright ...

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Forbidden no more

The former Chinese Imperial Palace in Beijing – the Forbidden City – was emblematic of the inward looking, closed Chinese culture of yore. And even in more recent times, the Chinese Communist government for the most part kept the country’s ...

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